John MacMahon

John MacMahon


John MacMahon is a serial entrepreneur specializing in early-stage product development. Beginning with Kerberos Proximal Solutions (acquired by Fox Hollow Technologies), He has led and/or founded numerous medical device startups in the vascular field. John was COO for Maya Medical (acquired by Covidien) and led their transfer of manufacturing from the US to Ireland. He was also the General Manager for Europe for Claret Medical (acquired by Boston Scientific).

Presently, John is the CEO of Mitre Medical and is a member of the corporate boards of Luma Therapeutics and Smart Human Dynamics. John is an active mentor for entrepreneurs from Stanford BioDesign, Enterprise Ireland, and the Kauffman Foundation. He received his Bachelors in Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and graduate studies in both electrical and biomechanical engineering at Stanford University (MS EE).

Dr. Ben Wang

Dr. Ben Wang


Dr. Ben Wang is a chemical engineer by training with two decades of experience working in the commercialization of hard technologies, spanning areas including microfluidics, drug discovery, nanomaterials, cleantech, immuno-oncology, and cell therapy. He is a co-founder of two companies (Svaya and Chimera) and is currently the CEO of Chimera Bioengineering, which is in the development of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for solid tumors.

Dr. Wang specializes in intersectional scientific and engineering expertise and innovation in optics and immunology. His experience at Chimera relates to understanding and controlling immune toxicity and cytokine release syndromes, endemic in CAR-T therapy. He has served on three private company boards (Chimera, Svaya, and Prospect Bio) and has deep connections to key opinion leaders and investors. He holds dozens of patents and applications across multiple fields, and has over ten years of leadership in the StartX community, including as EIR. Dr. Wang received his B.S. from Stanford University and his Ph.D. from MIT, both in Chemical Engineering.


Iva Kaufman


Iva Kaufman is a specialist in promoting collaboration among funders and cooperation among business leaders and NGOs. She is an advocate of social investment and community reinvestment strategies responsive to global issues and local community concerns. Iva advises purpose-driven organizations, foundation and family office lead initiatives as well as venturesome startups.

Presently, Iva is a member of the leadership team of Cytokind – a game-changing effort to apply photo-immunology to arrest the Covid-19 Pandemic; and BrainSavers – an actual and virtual platform for lifestyle changes and learning to address the pandemic of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease that is upon us. On the side of NGOs she advises Hope Houston; the Alliance Institute on their activities along the Mobile/Pritchard/Africatown Blueway and Gulf Coast Opportunity Zones; and is advancing the local to global integration of low-cost streaming video technology in the area of job training and development for Logos E and Peacemaker Corps in partnership with 21CcEducation.

Craig Ullman


Entrepreneurial executive, expert in the analysis, design, development and implementation of new products and companies. Started from a blank page to ideate and launch multiple online functional revenue-producing organizations with successful exists. Hired, trained, organized and managed large teams, mentored and developed new talent. Deep experience in business development, sales, digital marketing and client management. Inventor of foundational, court-tested patents, including 2 of the first 50 on the web, and winner of Digital Luminary Award.

Specialties: Multimedia content creation, e-learning platforms, interactive television, transmedia, production management, product management, software development, business development, video production, curriculum development, branding, sales management.

Stephen Rubin, MD

Stephen Rudin, MD.


Stephen Rudin, MD is co-founder of Cytokynd Inc. A non-practicing graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, where he received his MD degree, Dr. Rudin’s work focuses in part on the experiential acquisition of transformative neurocognitive skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond. The founder of three iconic mentoring organizations, he works with families in the US and internationally on understanding and expressing all five capitals for thriving (spiritual, social, intellectual, human, and financial) and as a thought leader and speaker within the family office ecosystem. Dr. Rudin is a founding Elder for the Intergen Family Initiative, preparing Millennials and GenZers to navigate future uncertainty and to fully engage in intergenerational collaboration and learning. Stephen’s endeavors help to foster consciousness, community, culture, and communication within and between families. In his spare time, he is a writer, disruptive innovator, and hands-on advisor/investor in arenas including science, wellness, medicine, communications, and learning. His mother wished he had practiced medicine.