Solving the Latitude Gradient in MS

Introducing the UV-B Kind Trial

Dr. Ahmed Obeidat will discuss a solution to the latitude gradient with a trial for @home phototherapy for MS patients. Dr. Obeidat, the PI of Cytokind’s UV-B Kind Trial, will introduce you to the history, motivations, and the scientists behind the hybrid approach of @home phototherapy with a companion app.

  • Dr. Richard Weller: The History, Benefits, & Risks of UV Light & Phototherapy
  • Dr. Prue Hart: A Summary of Phototherapy Trials for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Dr. Carmen Castilla: The History of Cytokind & The UV-B Kind Trial for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Kathy Reagan Young: The Cytokind Companion App From the Patients’ Perspective


This webinar originally aired May 18, 2023.